who are we

Axzishop Website

Is one of the largest commercial platforms in the Arab world and is interested in providing retail and  services in products to the Middle East. These services include real estate, fashion, accessories, electronics, airline reservations, prepaid cards and even food.

And many more, it also provides a lot of distinctive brands around the world.


Axzishop and vision of Saudi Arabia 2030

Axzishop  is a business platform that is aligned with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, which aims to increase investment opportunities and interest in electronic commerce to achieve well-being and increase the income of individuals and enterprises.

It is considered a platform and a market that brings together both seller and buyer. Both are looking for a secure, easy-to-use e-shopping facility, offering easy and varied choices of products, services and payment methods.

One of the most important features of Axzishop  is that it provides a special platform for each trader from the Arab world with symbolic commission in exchange for the services and advantages offered by Axzishop . In addition to the presence of large warehouses, private and fully equipped manages the sales of local and international brands in the Gulf, which means the speed of delivery. We pride ourselves on the fact that most of the company's employees are professional and diligent Saudis. We are also proud that we have a diverse group of foreign cadres that contribute to the future development of the international market and the study of other markets to build a Gulf industrial future that supports the whole world.


What make us special from other e-shops?

1. Original products from the official supplier and documented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

2. The variety of very safe payment methods.

3 - The replacement and retrieval.

4 - Fast delivery to all the cities of the Kingdom, and all the Gulf countries in cooperation with the largest international shipping companies.

5 - The products are selected according to a team specialized in the purchase department, and are verified quality and suitability to the Saudi and Gulf community and are sure that they meet the specifications and standards and otherwise we don’t receive them because they bear the reputation of Axzishop .

6. Add more brands and products permanently and continuously.

7 - Direct communication for customer service.

8 - A huge platform that gives the seller all the available control methods and the technique which you can judge it when you try it.

9 - Continuing Offers.

10 - Provide millions of products with details, which make you, feel that the product is really at your fingertips.

11- Providing Booking of flights and hotels services in cooperation with giant companies that we cherish and proud of.

12 - The possibility of shipping the mobile from the local telecommunications companies, which cannot be dispensed with in a faster and easier way.

13. Supporting youth projects.

14. Provide commercial services, training and development of electronic commerce.

And many have discovered it yourself


 This platform was programmed under the hands of a very specialized and in cooperation with giant companies only for you...




We aspire in the future not only to be the first platform for shopping in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, but also to be the best platform to encourage local industry and export abroad, thus enhancing the flourishing trade in our dear country.


Who benefits from the Axzishop electronic platform??

All Facilities that have a commercial license to the validity of the commercial data and retain the rights of the customers of Axzishop 

All individuals holding a civil card to reach the legal age