Refund & return

In order to provide the best service to our valued customers, all your purchases from (the site) can be replaced within 3 days and the return within 7 days from the date of arrival. All you need is:

There are two categories classified by traders:

- The operator (Axzishop) and its symbol (Axzishop) are the stores of the original brands 100% of the supplier or the official agent or distributors approved contracts clear and documented proving that we apply strict law to protect the rights of consumers; the law protects you always and ever.

2 - a group of traders and its symbol (traders) and they are traders from the corners of the Arab world are subject to a high legal policy and documenting their accounts with commercial records and you can see anyone carrying the slogans documented below his shop protects the customer so don’t worry


Here are the steps:

First, make sure that you stay in the original status as you received it and do not forget to photograph it with your mobile for proof, then click on the icon to restore or replace (you can from your mobile program is important wherever you are)


The policy of replacement and retrieval includes all the products of the website except:

1- When the return request is submitted after the specified time, which is 3 days from the date of receipt

2. When using the product, or when it is damaged by you, or when it is not in the same condition that you received it, such as envelopes, invoices, etc.

3. Specific products such as underwear, socks, free products (gift from merchant) etc.

4. Damaged products covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

5. Consumed products used or installed.

6 - Products were tampered with or removed serial numbers (barcodes) etc...

7. Products without price tags, stickers, original cover, or lack of accessories

8. Products that can be broken or used as a usable cleaner.

9. Electronics products, electrical appliances, food, cosmetics, cosmetics, silver and gold, medical supplies, consumables, computer programs, books, e-books, magazines, games, etc.

* Excluded from the above mentioned in case you have already received a damaged You can attach the image to prove it in the space allocated either by computer or mobile.

We are always in the protection of consumer rights 

In case you wish to replace the application or part thereof:

All you have to do is click on the products that you would like to replace. Just remember the reason and you can add an explanatory picture and the merchant you bought from will be able to serve you perfectly. Either with approval or rejection, and with the reason you can file a complaint if you do not comply with the law, The Axzishop platform will not allow any seller to misbehave towards you.

In case you wish to retrieve the request or part thereof:

Click on the request and choose to retrieve the required product with the reason and attach a picture to prove the reason, and wait for the decision of the merchant

You have purchased the product from it, if you agree you will have to go to the nearest branch of the shipping company accredited to us or others and delivered the envelope as it was and after receipt of your refunds will be refunded immediately in your wallet as you can either use it or withdraw the amount according to the policy of the site, The refund will be deducted from the balance.

In the event that the merchant himself shipped the goods, you can wait for the receipt of the shipment itself or shipped to him, do not worry will arrive immediately upon submission of the request for retrieval to the merchant alert

How to receive your money after recovery:

The client is highly protected by safety .You can control your account balance (your Axzishop Wallet) either by using it or by withdrawing it under the terms and conditions and always remember that the money is at your disposal and the protection of the website at local and international banks. To ensure safety for you

You may deliver the goods to be returned or replaced to any branch of the shipping company approved or specified by the seller and send them to the address you will receive from the seller in processing the transaction will add information to you.

 Upon receipt of your refunds, the amount will be refunded to you immediately in your balance on your account (the Axzishop Portfolio)

You can use it or withdraw it according to the terms and conditions currently available to the providers of electronic payment transactions

The cost of shipping replacement and return in the Kingdom (Axzishop)

All requests for return and replacement are made under the terms and conditions of the website to guarantee the rights of buyers

This condition includes if the trader is the same Axzishop because we offer an integrated system of suppliers of the original goods, which we carefully examine before receiving our warehouses everywhere

The cost of shipping replacement and refunds outside the Kingdom (Axzishop)

Replacement for the first time Customer will bear the cost of sending the products to the site and the cost of shipping the new replacement request will be free of charge to the customer.

Replacement for the second time for the same request and the following will be borne by the customer the cost of sending products to the site, also the cost of shipping the new application.

* Before submitting a request to retrieve the goods must know the following (trader)

The buyer may request the return of the goods for various reasons, depending on the cause and error, where the shipping charges related to the returned goods will be charged either at the buyer's expense or at the seller's expense.

If the seller's fault:

• Item not match description:

• The delivery charge is charged to the buyer because he is a consumer

• Return shipping charge: Seller pays for it because it is wrong

• Return Merchandise Charges: The seller will pay the costs (where the amount must be in the seller's balance, otherwise the refund will not be made).

• Note: Vendor errors that may negatively impact the seller's performance assessment and are taken away from the confidence of his customers are always product recovery

If the buyer's fault:

• Buyer does not want these goods

• After the specified days of return policy

• Shipment charge: The buyer pays it because it is a consumer

• Charges of the returned goods: The buyer pays them because he is wrong

The recipient retrieves from the seller

Refunds are returned goods that the seller confirms receipt from the buyer by clicking the Confirm Retrieval Receipt button from its control panel.

Upon confirmation of receipt of the retrieved, he will confirm the receipt of the returned goods as they were at the time of the shipment. In the case of reverse money stands frozen until the problem is resolved between the seller and buyer parties