Price protection

Everyone (the Axzishop team, suppliers, vendors, shipping companies or delivery services) is subject to price protection policy

Axzishop Team:

We don’t allow our team to receive any extra money for its available services at the prices offered. In the event of discovery of the opposite, we encourage the customer to file a complaint on the site of Axzishop.comto communicate with the nearest Ministry of Commerce and Industry in your country.

Suppliers: does not allow suppliers to manipulate the prices at all, and does not allow any product to raise the site successfully only after confirming that the market prices are identical to the site or the site is less than that, and when it is discovered that the price is exaggerated or manipulated, the supplier will be subject to the policy of contracts agreed upon and officially ratified, Local markets are reviewed by a specialist price survey team and cannot be higher than those on the website to protect our customers.



The seller cannot manipulate the prices or add high prices. We have a specialized team and an expert to evaluate the products and prices and know the mandate of the industry and the customs on which the rough and the costs of shipping from abroad, so after you lift the product if not contain what fits the price policy the product will be rejected or requested amendment, we offer tools and services support the seller, allowing full control and when the modification to the product after the successful completion the product will wait to subject for approval to be sure that the new amendment does not contain any of the violations,   to attract the client

Because is considered to be the most important priority which platform was created for?


Shipping companies or delivery services:

We always mention that the shipping companies or the delivery team of the buyer or the seller should always think that the customer is the purpose of livelihood after God, the customer always requires fast shipping and high ethical treatment, low prices and appropriate and provide convenient services for the customer and maintain the product, we do not allow the cooperation with shipping companies that do not respect our customers or receive additional amounts from the customer, even if they are generous. We arrange a standard price against the Axzishop team and the seller but we cannot control the prices of the other shipping companies. We always strive to provide the best to our dear customer.