Cancel order after payment

Why this feature?

To preserve the rights between the buyer and the seller, a policy has been put in place to ensure that the buyer is given the right time enough to re-examine the request to be confirmed.

And the right to estimate the seller's efforts in processing the application because the most difficult stage faced by the seller is to retrieve the order and arrange the warehouse in the event that he does not have a modern system and developed as well as the ownership of to run its own Self-employment and simply explain to you what the seller does.


He prints the order and then searches for the product in his store. Then he is packing and printing a bill to prepare the order for the shipment, but if during this period you canceled the order, it is expected that the seller's time and the packing products was wasted and this make the seller gets bored .


Important conditions

The Buyer: After the payment must be aware that the money can be recovered within 20 minutes after the success of the payment and there is a countdown in front of the request that has been successfully paid to it, and this gives the client enough time to confirm the actual request and if he does not buy or change his mind, the request will be cancelled immediately And transfer the money immediately within (Axzishop portfolio), and can recover and replace according to the terms and conditions after you receive the product.


The seller: will process the application within his own warehouse and, in the interest of, that this request will not be canceled while the seller is actually processing the shipment. This process requires great effort from the seller and we must protect his rights. And Axzishop will send the order to the seller after 20 minutes from The successful payment of the customer automatically, which helps the seller to make sure to start work diligently and packaging the product at the best possible without any obstacles or concerns, and here the problem was solved complained by many sellers which is the  concern of packaging and shipping a product later he discover that the request was actually shipped but has been canceled So this feature was invented, We wish good luck to all Axzishop dot com vendors